Big Picture Questions


When looking at exploring big picture questions the Socratic method seems a good place to start, but does it always produce answers that we are comfortable with? How do we face an event like 911 and not completely give into our biases? How do we use just Critical Thinking Methods to give us the answers to the Essential Questions of “Why did it happen?” or  “How do we move forward?”

911 Memorial copy

During our Forum discussions we have been talking about how to engage our students to think critically. How do we help them think about their thinking ( metacognition ) and what defines creative thinking and how it can help them look at problems in a different way.

I can think of no more public an experiment in Big Picture Questions than the 911 attacks. The American people have been struggling (and still do) to come to terms with this event. The why and how has been answered but the question of how to move forward seems to only have one answer… create a public art space and museum so people can remember.

911 pool copy

This is one of the most moving and accessible art spaces I have ever been in. It was designed to memorialize the dead by bringing people together to contemplate what had happened and yes, to make them stop and think. I took these photos on a Thursday afternoon last May the 14, 2015. There were hundreds of people around this memorial when I took this shot. All quietly standing and contemplating what had happened on that day. Some questions have no easy answers… but this space allows us to come together to share in the questioning.

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