Instructional Strategies Digital Project


As I submit my Digital Project, I must admit that it has been my most feared assignment in this class. It was in the doing and the overcoming that I found out that, to paraphrase FDR, ‘the only thing I had to fear, was fear itself.’

What was I so afraid of? I’m a digital girl who teaches a visual subject I thought, why would I be afraid to do this? What I realized in the doing was that I am a perfectionist when it comes to visual presentations. I have had to curate my own photo other’s art exhibits. How you use and connect visuals matter… whether you are curating an art exhibit, a website or a digital project. I always want to do a visual display that tells a story. That has always been easy for me to do with my photography.

This was a little more challenging because I had to find just the right visuals to support my Instructional Strategy project, subject by subject. I also had to find a visual way to tell about my use of this strategy ( Field Trips ) in my class.

I love the clean look of this presentation software and the way it helped me showcase my learning. Tell me what you think 🙂

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