Flipping a Classroom



The concept of Flipping a Classroom has been around for a while and some institutions and instructors are embracing it with a passion. Depending on the discipline you teach, there are a lot of questions regarding the use of this model.

Flipping the traditional model of teaching is a challenging and exciting idea for those who would like to use new technologies to engage their students. Having students watch a lesson on their own time leaves the classroom free for discussion and clarification.

The pros are quite evident…efficiency, student-centered, individualized learning and freeing up teacher time to help the students that need it. But given the cons: requires equal access to technology, more prep time, not test-preparation friendly, we must ask if this model translate to all disciplines.

“Whether you think this is a good or a bad thing is another conversation, but it’s important to realize that generally speaking, flipped classrooms do not “teach to the test.” Flipped classrooms do not follow the model of teaching to improve standardized test scores. However, teachers and students are still required to spend a sizeable portion of time preparing for state mandated testing, which in turn interrupts the flipped classroom process.”


The concept of  Blended Learning allows for students to mix their bricks and mortar learning with a digital/online component. I, and every PID student is mandated to take a digital course online. It was a great introduction to a blended way of learning and dragged some of us kicking and screaming into this new environment. Online learning continues to be a way of learning I have loved and chosen to participate in, thus incorporating my newly learned techniques into my photography class.

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