Storytelling makes Meaning of Learning

Digital storytelling can be a powerful learning tool. Done well it can encompass many of the best instructional strategies. Collaborative learning projects, group discussions, and reflective practices. Students are more engaged when they can be active learners.

Student engagement is a powerful tool. “student engagement means feeling motivated, being challenged, excited about the new “. p40 1 Using digital technologies in a classroom can feel like a new way to approach a subject, thus engaging students who would not otherwise participate.

It can also be used as a tool of empowerment because, done well, it is a true, supportive partnership between teacher and student. The downside is it must work within a supportive institutional environment.

Being actively engaged in your own learning is a goal we all set for our students. Creative learning activities are one way to help our students to see value in what they are learning because, as I see it, it helps them bring their own perspective, thus meaning, to the subject.

Here is a powerful example of using poetry, photography and music to tell a story about a subject that can be hard to quantify… the self. Thanks to Will Parker for sharing this beautiful example of his Dad’s work.



  1. Barkley, Elizabeth F. (2010). Student Engagement Techniques, A Handbook for College Faculty. San Francisco, CA. John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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