Learning Styles


We know that everyone is unique and we understand that everyone learns differently. In this course the one Forum topic that I love is the discussion about learning styles. The idea of Visual/Verbal/Kinaesthetic Learning styles is one we can all relate to.

While most of us ascribed to the idea that we learned differently depending on what we were asked to learn. The question of brain/body connectivity was brought up. Was our ability to adapt our learning styles physiologically based? Was it neuroscience based?

Then Jennifer Barker, a neuroscientist responded: “I’d argue that the use of multiple sensory systems during learning is also the fundamental underpinning to ‘active learning’, the efficacy of which is supported by evidence, and at least gets us partway to ‘engagement’ (the ‘motivation’ bit of that may be a whole other kettle of fish…).  Which (finally!) brings me to my main point here: Rather than trying to identify an individual’s learning style, I’d argue instead that ANYONE learns “best”, regardless of subject matter, if as many of those ‘styles’ as possible are accessed.

I think she has best answered the question we were all asking. Trying to access and focus on individual learner’s style means helping them access as many of those styles as possible.

Here is an example of Learning Styles viewed as the”Theory of Multiple Intelligences”:



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