Perspective forms experience


Any woman who has used a VCC washroom is probably familiar with this sign posted ( or rested in this case) inside. I must admit, it took me by surprise at first glance, as I had never seen a sign quite like it before. My next reaction was my brain flooding with questions.

This sign made me realize was that I had never really given much thought to how others used a washroom. What it also made me realize was something that was completely obvious yet obscured at the same time. How someone’s approach to something I had used and taken for grated all my life was not so similar to mine… and how it made their experience so different than mine.

It was a symbol of how ones perspective forms their experience.

I teach photography classes to students of all ages. They all have different needs and expectations. Even when I think I am giving them a simple technical assignment, most of my students seem to want to find ways to make it their own..or try to. It is the most delicate dance I do as a teacher… allowing there own creative perspectives to be fulfilled within the technical goals they must master to do so.

As I read the forum and blogs during this PID program, I become engaged and motivated to learn from my fellow students. Their perspectives are informing my educational experience in ways I had not expected.

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