Owning Our Mistakes

There is a discussion in our “Media Enhanced Learning” forum about how to handle mistakes we make as instructors. I love the honesty and openness this forum allows as some admitted that they wouldn’t own up to a mistake all the time. I believe that is a human and honest admission.

Black Chair1 copy In photography, mistakes account for at least 50% of what we do.

Black Chair2 copy When taking a simple image with no direction…what is wrong and what is right?

Black Chair 3 copyWhich is the bad image?

Black Chair 4 copyWhich is the good?

The answer is simple… it’s the image that the client wants. Without clear direction, we must resign ourselves to making mistakes and trying constantly to make sure we get the image they want. This means being open to them seeing you as not perfect, not able to read their minds and not having the same vision as they do.

But have faith! We all make common assumptions and that usually leads us to all make the same mistakes. Here is a great blog post on 8 common mistakes we all make and how to avoid them. How many do you make?


2 thoughts on “Owning Our Mistakes

  1. Thanks so much for even commenting. Your work is incredible as well and I too think that mistakes are a part of life and learning. A mistake is like an accident, sometimes it can’t be avoided, but it must be dealt with. We both strive for perfection and know she is a hard task-mistress… it is an end goal, not the only goal. Take care

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  2. Hi Viv,
    I am afraid I didn’t get to comment on this in our Forum Discussion. Well,
    Ii really like your blog about this discussion. Honestly, I can’t tell which photo has a mistake. To me, it all looks great!!!
    It happens to me in the kitchen, too. There are moments when I turn it into learning opportunities because sometimes it really pays to see how to fix a mistake otherwise they would probably just hide it and composte the product which is fixable. So, i always tell my students to please let me know when something goes wrong because it might turn into a great learning opportunity. And sometimes, a mistake is a mistake and I say “let’s remember not to do it that way”. Still , there is learning in it.

    By the way, I love your blog and the picture you take are amazing. I see no flaws only perfection of your craft.

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