Perspective in All Things

When teaching photography, the topic of perspective comes up…a lot! This is the subject of much discussion amongst photographers.

There are the technical people who think Aperture is Everything. Your fstop is the most important control on your camera as it not only controls light, but perspective.

Lamp Mirror 1 DES copyGiven the light conditions, this shot could not have been taken without a keen eye and use of my fave fstop f8. But there is another aspect to perspective as well, the creative side, what your eye sees and what your own visual perspective brings to the shot. I wanted to bring into focus the texture, lightness and reflective nature of the objects.

Mailbox 2A copy The texture and charm of this mailbox against the brick could not be captured without getting close and choosing a larger fstop.

Some subjects just demand their own perspective…

Filmore's copy Here the architecture of the building demands it’s own perspective.

james copy This portrait demands a closer perspective.

There is no right and wrong when it comes to what you see. There is right and wrong when you are thinking of to how use the camera to photograph it.

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