Image and Identity Online

vivaphoto-logo copy

Having a presence means having an image. How do you decide what that image will be? Especially knowing that on-line, that image is perceived as your identity?

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines identity as:

‘The quality or condition of being a specified person or thing’.

Those of us who have spent a lifetime defining who we are are reluctant to fall into this shallow pool. We are keenly aware that, for good or bad, it is a reality of the online world. My tastes run to simplicity and directness. My identity as a photographer is defied easily. I choose to produce images that are clean and impactful. I need to tell a story in an image. I have one shot to capture what I want to convey, what I see and how I see it to the world. That identity is reflected in my logo and my website layout… as well as the images I choose to put online.

Image is defined as:

‘A representation of the external form of an object…the character or reputation of a person or thing as generally perceived’.

My personal image is another matter. Here is where you can choose to change your online image every day… every hour… every minute if you wish. Like a lot of people, I am never comfortable with photos of myself online. So I choose to use a portrait of myself because it is one of my favourite representations of me. Thanks to James Picard

for the loveliest image of me that I feel proud to put out for the world to see.

Choosing an image and an identity that speaks to people of what you want to say and how you want them to see it can be difficult. My advice is to keep it simple.

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