My New Digital Life

Having resisted putting myself fully online, this course has helped me think about ( and act on) connecting my passions with a digital presence. Even deciding what to blog about has been difficult… until now. My love of photography and sharing my perspective on the world has overridden my fear of personal exposure. My visual point of view IS my new online persona.I am not afraid of the technology, I am not afraid of voicing my opinions, but I was afraid that by putting myself online, I would lose something that I could never get back.

Teaching is not for the faint of heart… good teachers, give of themselves in ways that students will never fully understand. There is a fearlessness in their need to express what inspires their passions, drives their need to keep learning and passing on their knowledge. Until I connected with this class of thoughtful, engaging teachers, I was not fully aware of what this technology could mean to me… and to what extent it would help me let go of my fears.

My passion for critical thought and engaging discussion has been met with the same and I am grateful for it. I am still learning how to use all these online tools so this space will be changing and growing as I do. Hope you like what’s to come.

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