Changing Roles of an Adult Educator

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This is a typical classroom scenario that we all know and Skinner would be proud of. Although this way of teaching still has its merits, it does not reflect the changes in our roles as educators today.The fact that I am blogging about these changes and this blog is being graded by my instructor, all without having even met her in person, is in itself a tribute to the changing roles of the educator.

We, as adult students taking this online course, don’t have to look far to gain insights on the changing role of the adult educator… we are living it. All the research I have done just underpins my belief that we must try to learn as much as we can about new teaching philosophies. In the essay ‘The Role of Teachers in the 21st Century’ the phrase “schools need to teach their learners how to gain information… how to select and use it” is a powerful one. It underscores the point that educators must adapt to new methodologies and accept that we are not the only source from which our students learn. This is a powerful shift in education. It emphasizes the fact that as educators, we must be lifelong learners. Through this we can adapt our methods to our students individual experiences, needs and what kind of learning styles motivate them. We cannot instill that philosophy unless we practice it ourselves.

 : Collage of successful colleagues working in office

This is where we as educators need to evolve to.

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